08  December  2019


National  Dog  Show

Honorable judge  Ovsyannikova J.

Terra  Tanro  Kataleya   - ex., CW, CAC, Best Female!
Kataleya New Champion Russia!!!

24  November  2019


International  Dog  Show  «Autumn-2019»

Honorable judge  Sedykh N. (Russia)

Butsefal  Briana  Belle  for  Terra Tanro  (class champion) - ex, CAC, CACIB, BOB!!!

02  November  2019

Tartu, Estonia

International  Dog  Show

Honorable judge  Jason Hoke, USA

Butsefal  Briana  Belle  for  Terra Tanro  (class champion) - CW(1/4), CQ, r.CACIB

22  September  2019


2*National  Dog  Show

Honorable judge  Patrina M.(Russia)

Terra  Tanro  Kashemir   - ex., CAC, Best male, BOB!

Terra  Tanro  Kataleya   - ex., CAC, Best female!

Honorable judge  Rodina I.(Russia)

Terra  Tanro  Kashemir   - ex., CAC, Best male, BOB!

Terra  Tanro  Kataleya   - ex., CAC, Best female!

07  July  2019

Moscow, Russia

SDS,  RFBC-Club  Specialty

Honorable judge  Mr. Eugeny Kuplyauskas (Russia)

Terra  Tanro  Kashemir  (class junior) - Best Junior Specialiy show!
Kashemir - New RFBC Junior Champion!!!

29  June  2019


National  Dog  Show

Honorable judge  Gavrilova Y (Russia)

Terra  Tanro  Kataleya   - 1 ex., Best Junior, BOB!
Kataleya New Junior Champion Russia!!!

08  June  2019


RFBC-Club  Specialty

Honorable Judge  Mile B.Aleksoski

Terra  Tanro  Kashemir   - Best Junior, Biss-1!

Terra  Tanro  Kataleya   - CW, JCCH!

19  May  2019

Safonovo, Russia

2*National  Dog  Show

Honorable Judge  Galiaskarov S. (Russia)

Terra  Tanro  Kassidy  (class junior) - ex. JCAC, Best Junior of Breed!

Honorable Judge  Fedorov V. (Belarus)

Terra  Tanro  Kassidy  (class junior) - ex. JCAC, Best Junior of Breed!
Kassidy New Junior Champion Russia!

28  April  2019


National  Dog  Show

Honorable judge  Yanchev O. (Russia)

Terra  Tanro  Isidora  (class champion) - CW, ex., SERT, CAC, Best female 1!!! BOS!
Isidora New Champion Estonia!!!!!

14  April  2019


National  Dog  Show  «DOG-REVIEW»

Honorable judge  Zhuk G. (Belarus)

Terra  Tanro  Kassidy  (junior class) - ex, CW, JCAC, JCh RFLS, Best Junior, BOB!

06  April  2019


IDS  "White city"

Honorary Judge  Aleksandrov V.A (Russia)

Terra  Tanro  Kashemir   - CW, JCAC, JCH RKF!

06  April  2019

Specialty  show  of  French bulldogs

Honorary judge  Desserne Sylvie (France)

Terra  Tanro  Kashemir   - CW, Jun.Club Winner, BOB-Junior in colour, BOB-Junior, Junior BISS-1!

24  March  2019


National  Dog  Show

Honorable judge  Grigorenko T. (Russia)

Terra  Tanro  Kataleya   - ex., CW, JCAC!

January  27,  2019


National  dog  show

Judge  Rodina I.  (Russia)

Terra  Tanro  Klassik  (class puppy) - v.p. Best Puppy!

January  20,  2019

Daugavpils, Latvia

National  dog  show

Honorable judge  Dusko Pejovic  (Serbia)

Bona Lee  Reine  de  Beaute  for  Terra Tanro  (class champion) - ex., Best Female, CAC, BOS!  Beaute New Champion Latvia!!!

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