15  October  2023

National Dog Show «Breeders’Cup» Champion RKF
Honorable judge:  Patrina M. (Moscow)

Terra Tanro True Love (class intermedia) - excellent, CW, CAC, Best female, BOS!

08  October  2023

XXIX National Exhibition of the French Bulldog breed memory the president RFBC Club Makhanko E.V.
Honorable judge:  Tanu Oo Hoku (Malaysia)

Terra Tanro Nikeforus (class open) - 2 excellent, СС

24  September  2023

Rating Dog Show of all breeds rank САС/Champion RKF with a special status "Grand Prix Avangard"+Spesiality

Honorable judge:  Kislyakova Olga (Belarus)

Terra Tanro True Love (class open) - excellent, CW, САС, CCCH, Best Female, BOS!

Terra Tanro Obsession (class champion) - 1 excellent, CW, САС, СС!

21  May  2023

Rating dog show of the CAC-CRKF rank with a special status Hero Cities Cup
Honorable judge:  Yulia Ovsyannikova, (Russia)

Butsefal Briana Belle for Terra Tanro(class champion) - ex., VCAC, VКЧК, ВЧРКФ, ЛВ!
Bree is a new Veteran Champion of Russia! Veteran Champion of the RKF!

07  May  2023

Smolensk, Russia
НNational Dog Show
Honorable judge:  Gabriel Stibel, (Macedonia)

Avigdors Morena (class champion) - ex., CW, CAC, Best female, BOB!
Butsefal Briana Belle for Terra Tanro (class veteran) - ex., CW, VCAC, Best veteran,
BIS Veteran-1!!!

Smolensk, Russia
National Dog Show
Honorable judge:  Михаил Кремнев, (Russia)

Terra Tanro True Love (class junior) - ex., CW, JCAC, Best Junior!
Avigdors Morena (class champion) - ex., CW, CAC, Best female, BOB!
Winner of FCI Group IX!!!

19  February  2023

2×National Dog Show
Honorable judges:  Gavrilova Y., Prozorov D.

Terra Tanro True love - excellent, 2×CW, 2×JCAC,2 × BOB Junior of breed!
Now our girl is 10 months old and we have a Junior Champion of Russia,
a Junior Champion of the RKF, a Junior Champion of Belarus!

22  January  2023


2* National Dog Show

Honorable judges:  Soloveva I., Radziuk S.

Terra Tanro True love (class junior) -
1 excellent, 2 JCAC, JCH RKF, 2 BOB Junior!
Many thanks to the judges for their choice!

14  January  2023

Borisov, Belarus

Specialty Show of Small Molossoid dogs

Terra Tanro True Love (class junior) -
excellent, J.BOS, J.BOB !!! BISS J - 3 place!
A great debut of our baby at the age of 9 months

Dear friends!

Merry Christmas


Happy New Year!